We are committed to renewable energy!

We are committed to renewable energy!

As a means of implementing our mission statement, we have defined our quality, environmental and risk policies and used these to derive our goals.

We regularly test our employees' knowledge of the goals set out in our mission statement, and also evaluate how they're implemented.

We provide energy for life!

Experience KWB

Thinking in terms of generations, as well as the foresighted corporate strategy, have led to the establishment of a prime example for a new form of regional energy sovereignty. 

The unique combination of raw materials from the region and the maximum of useful technology has meanwhile become an attraction for thousands of visitors. The heart is the largest energy showcase garden for alternative fuels from agriculture - on an area of 23,000 m2, new plant cultures are conducted focusing on the topics of wood energy, agroforestry and the systematic increase of the soil's humus content.