KWB Partner Academy

KWB Training and Continuing Education

KWB works with certified partner companies (installers and heating system engineers) all across the globe. Our customers benefit from well-trained and qualified KWB partners, who were trained in KWB's in-house academy. This is important because a heating system requires professional installation and an optimised overall system.

KWB Biomass Heating bases its sales strategy on direct marketing via partners from the heating systems industry. In a heating system, it is not only the heat generator that is important; integration into the overall system also plays a crucial role. Only an overall system that operates perfectly will produce enthusiastic and satisfied customers, who will recommend our partners and ourselves to others.

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4 steps to becoming a KWB top service partner

KWB's comprehensive partner programme brings the customer dual security - they opt for the best product and prime technical consultation.
The certified KWB Partner is the entry level into the KWB partner programme. All KWB training takes place in the company's own training centre. Besides theoretical input, the courses also cover practical exercises in the company's ideally equipped training facilities. Transfer of knowledge is the priority during KWB training, but we also do have fun.

The KWB Installation Partner provides the foundation for customer service and is also authorised to assemble heating systems independently. KWB Service Partners are also empowered to perform KWB commissioning and maintenance work Biomass heating systems. And a KWB Top Service Partner is also perfectly trained to perform troubleshooting in KWB biomass heating systems.